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WileyPLUS Learning Space is a digital platform empowering teachers and students to optimise learning outcomes.

In an interactive online environment, WileyPLUS Learning Space motivates students to accelerate their learning independently, and gives instructors efficient ways to diagnose early, facilitate engagement and measure outcomes in real-time, to maximise students’ opportunity for success.

Students have access to an interactive online textbook, personalised study tools and a space to collaborate and learn from their peers. Instructors gain real-time insight into students’ engagement and proficiency, with actionable reports for fast intervention.

Empowered teaching, engaged learning. It’s the future of education.

Enhanced content

Leverage the benefits of the ‘flipped’ classroom. Students learn, engage with, practice and study course content in their own time – so lectures are optimised for concept mastery and discussion.
A dynamic e-textbook with videos and interactivities embedded at the point of learning creates an engaging study experience for students beyond the classroom.
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Get the diverse student cohort aligned sooner. Gain real-time insight into student progress to diagnose early and intervene as needed.
Reports show student participation, engagement, confidence and proficiency on individual and aggregate levels. Take action straight from reports to efficiently guide students towards learning objectives.
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Collaborative learning

Embrace the proven benefits of collaborative learning. Students learn from each other through conversations and interactions beyond the classroom.
Course Stream and Discussions tabs let students comment, ask questions, discuss content and share resources to support each other’s learning.
Students become ‘experts’ – lessening the instructor’s burden as sole teacher.
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Create the optimal learning path for your students. Customise content to focus students’ attention on what’s most important.
Choose which chapters to show or hide, highlight and annotate content, and add your own resources to build a unique learning experience for students. Create custom assignments or use built-in question banks for easy assessment.
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WileyPLUS Learning Space really helps me understand the content we’re learning, which makes me more confident
Bianca Sharpe, Student, ACU

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WileyPLUS Learning Space is currently available in six Australian and various international titles.
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