Research indicates there are greater gains in outcomes and improved retention when students read, visualise, interact with, discuss and write about content.

A dynamic e-textbook with videos and interactivities embedded at the point of learning creates an engaging study experience for students beyond the classroom.

Benefits for students

  • An engaging, interactive way to learn
  • Annotate, highlight, bookmark and start discussions within the dynamic e-textbook
  • Everything in one place for effective study
  • Videos, animations and interactivities boost understanding of complex concepts at the point of learning

Benefits for instructors

  • Blended learning approach fosters more engaged, independent students
  • Dynamic media brings content to life – enhancing the teaching done in the classroom
  • Annotate, highlight and start discussions within the dynamic e-textbook
I liked being able to see a diagram of the heart, turn it 180 degrees and view all the different components…it’s nice to break up that monotony of reading text all the time.
Tiana Radman, Student, ACU


Surveys of Australian instructors indicate that students enter courses with diverse levels of readiness. The role of analytics is crucial in enabling early diagnosis and intervention to address this challenge.

Real-time reports show student participation, engagement, confidence and proficiency on individual and aggregate levels. Take action straight from reports to efficiently guide students towards learning objectives.

Benefits for students:

  • Track their learning progress in real-time to know where they stand
  • Identify problem areas early for effective use of study time
  • Compare their confidence with actual proficiency for more targeted study

Benefits for instructors

  • Get the diverse student cohort aligned sooner with early diagnosis and intervention for at-risk students, while high-performing students can accelerate their learning independently
  • Identify most challenging topics at aggregate level
  • Contact students straight from reports for efficient action when needed
  • Track and maximise student engagement

Some reports available with ORION only!

It’s nice to know how you’re progressing against the class to make sure you’re on track… I like to see if I’m performing at the same level as my peers.
Bianca Sharpe, Student, ACU


Research indicates that when collaborative learning techniques are used to support instruction, students tend to be more engaged, retain information better and have better learning outcomes.

The Course Stream* and Discussions tab let students comment, ask questions, discuss content and share resources online to support each other’s learning. Student’s become ‘experts’ – lessening the instructor’s burden as sole teacher.

Benefits for students:

  • A more engaging, interactive way to learn
  • Students learn from each other with less reliance on instructor
  • Course stream mirrors familiar social media style of communication
  • Improve retention due to interaction with content

Benefits for instructors

  • Reap the benefits of peer-to-peer learning as students engage with content and learn from each other
  • Empowers students to share knowledge and resources
  • Discussions continue beyond the classroom
  • Visibility of student discussions highlights their understanding, enabling early intervention if needed

*Course stream available in instructor-led delivery model only. Please contact your Wiley representative for details of delivery models.


Research suggests educators should not try to meet the challenge of addressing the individual learning styles of students, but to focus on developing the most effective and coherent ways of presenting particular content.

Create the optimal learning path for students. Choose which chapters to show or hide, highlight and annotate content, add your own resources and build custom assignments.

Students personalise their learning by highlighting, commenting, annotating and sharing course content from the e-textbook.

Benefits for students:

  • A personal study guide created as they work
  • All activities saved in ‘My Notes’ for easy review
  • Supports effective study habits

Benefits for instructors

  • Create a relevant, current and engaging learning path for your students
  • Hide irrelevant content to keep students focused
  • Create custom assignments or use built-in question banks for easy assessment
  • Add your own resources