A personalised, adaptive learning experience

Based on cognitive science, ORION gives students a personalised, adaptive learning experience that helps them to build proficiency on topics while using their study time most effectively. Plus, it delivers easy-to-use analytics so instructors can see exactly where your students excel and where they need help.



Adaptive learning

As class sizes increase, and more and more students arrive with different starting points and learn at different paces, the challenge to create an optimal learning experience increases. Adaptive learning tools can do some of the instructor’s work for them, assessing students and offering self-paced instruction based upon what each student needs to learn most.

Begin: students complete a brief ‘diagnostic’ which determines their base proficiency on a chapter.
Practice: ORION serves adaptive questions based on the student’s responses.
Maintain: Reports and recommendations help students identify where to study and practice further to improve and maintain their proficiency.

How it works

Adaptive learning is about reacting to what a student knows, analysing how they learn and catering instruction to that knowledge.

Here’s how ORION achieves this:

  • A powerful algorithm feeds questions to students based on their responses to the diagnostic and practice questions.
  • Students who answer questions correctly at one difficulty level are soon given questions at the next difficulty level.
  • If students begin to answer the harder questions incorrectly, the system presents them with easier questions.

  • Other factors—such as reported student confidence levels, time spent on each question and changes in response options before submitting answers—are also taken into consideration.

Performance in last 10 Qs

Easy 47%
Hard 39%

About this question
Question Difficulty

Difficulty 89%
Students got it correct

Features & Benefits

Benefits for Instructors

Actionable reports give real-time insight into students’ proficiency on any topic

  • Metacognitive Report compares students’ proficiency to their level of confidence
  • Most Challenging Activities report indicates topics that need reinforcement
  • Diagnose the real-time proficiency of each student and intervene with struggling students
  • Take action right from reports
  • Personalised practice promotes independent learning
I liked being able to see a diagram of the heart, turn it 180 degrees and view all the different components…it’s nice to break up that monotony of reading text all the time.
Tiana Radman, Student, ACU

Benefits for Students

ORION adaptive learning gives students what instructors are increasingly struggling to provide – a personalised learning experience.

  • Metacognitive Report shows students what they actually know compared to what they think they know
  • Personalised, adaptive practice tailors learning to their individual level of proficiency
  • Instant feedback and recommendations on areas that need reinforcement
  • More targeted, effective use of study time
ORION tells you what you need to work on as you’re going through it. You’re able to see where you went wrong and revise the knowledge you were supposed to know for that question. It’s like a virtual teacher.
Taylor Pearson, Student, Newcastle University

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A little time with ORION goes a long way.

Based on usage data, students who engage in ORION adaptive practice-just a few minutes per week-get better outcomes.
In fact, students who used ORION five or more times over the course of a semester reported they were:

Better prepared for tests and quizzes

More confident in their ability to learn the material

Better able to retain the material

Gaining better grades in their course

Students using ORION
perform better on exams.

This graph represents average test scores of students At Delgado Community College who used WileyPLUS with Orion for Anatomy & Physiology, compared to those who did not, over the course of a semester.

Test 1

Without 59%
With ORION 97%

Test 2

Without 80%
With ORION 89%