Wiley will help you to efficiently set up your new WileyPLUS Learning Space course, and provide speedy customer service if required. Our services include:

  • Training in how to effectively use WileyPLUS Learning Space, incorporating:
    – Navigation
    – Using the dynamic e-textbook
    – Creating assignments
    – Using actionable reports
  • 24/7 self-service support site including webinars, video tutorials, ‘How-To’ tips and FAQs – supporting instructors and students using WileyPLUS Learning Space from set-up through to trouble-shooting.


Wiley Integrated Learning Path is a service in which we customise and integrate the WileyPLUS Learning Space online textbook into your Learning Management System, and build a seamless learning design around it.

Based on your course goals, we’ll deep link right from your LMS to the online textbook at chapter or learning objective level. In doing so we can customise textbook content, keeping only what’s relevant and hiding sections your students don’t need to see. Plus, we’ll build in your own resources to create a truly unique learning experience for students.

Students will always know what to work on and when – with fast and easy access to quality, relevant content at the point of learning, and a step-by-step study path with everything they need in one place.

Chat with your Wiley representative to discuss integration of your WileyPLUS Learning Space title with your LMS.

Our Equity Promise

Concerned about equity issues? We’ve got you covered.

At Wiley, we understand the importance of providing equitable solutions for students. In fact, we believe that every student has a right to access quality resources, no matter what their budget. If you have a question about our Equity Promise or how we ensure this is the case with WileyPLUS Learning Space, please click here to contact us.